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Liz Jacque 3 200 1 My daughter, Elizabeth, and I are passionate about three things in life: horses,business, and helping the community. When we first founded SugarShopper, we did so  because we wanted there to be a more efficient means of donating to worthy causes.  Fundraising might be the most popular form of raising money for nonprofit  organizations, but oftentimes, the money raised during the fundraiser barely covers  upfront costs. Our business, however, is designed with the express purpose of saving  nonprofit organizations from losing money in an effort to raise it.


Nonprofit organizations are a vital and valuable part of our community. According to Guide Star, only 10% of nonprofit organizations registered in 2015 had annual revenues of $500,000 or more. These are small organizations doing big work in communities across the country, but they are in jeopardy. Thanks to changes in tax laws, nonprofits could potentially lose up to $20 billion in donations. Despite the growing need for nonprofits, adequate funding is rare and difficult to attain. At least, it used to be.

Our business, SugarShopper, provides nonprofits with a continuous, unrestricted source of income. Our e-commerce boutique allows people to shop for artisan crafts and unique products, and each purchase donates 10% of every purchase total to the nonprofit of your choice. Our competing online stores often only donate 0.5%. When you shop with us, you give back to your community in a big way. Every dollar makes a difference, and you can make a huge difference. Visit to give back to your community today. For more information about becoming affiliated with SugarShopper, click here. Sources:,,, and

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"We have found Sugar to be just that...a solution! The online fundraising process is transparent and productive. Sugar understands our limitations and has filled the gap with expertise and skill."

- S. A. F. E. House, Albuquerque, NM