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AbbyIf you’ve ever adopted a shelter pet, you know the thrill of finding that special new friend! There is nothing like the joy of bringing an animal into your life and the incredible love and devotion that previously abandoned or abused cat or dog feels for you. Both of your lives are renewed by the adoption. SugarShopper has as affiliates 3 wonderful small animal shelters: Animal Humane, People’s Anti-Cruelty Association, and Watermelon Mountain Ranch. Select one of these organizations when you shop at, and we donate 10% of every purchase you make to the shelter of your choice

These organizations are committed to the health and welfare of the animals they take in. All 3 provide housing for abandoned or abused dogs and cats, veterinary care for sick or injured animals, and a chance for recovery and adoption into a new loving home. Your support makes all the difference in the lives of these pets in need!

This Post is in honor of Abby, a gentle much-loved companion, our steadfast shop dog, and a rescue pet.

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"We have found Sugar to be just that...a solution! The online fundraising process is transparent and productive. Sugar understands our limitations and has filled the gap with expertise and skill."

- S. A. F. E. House, Albuquerque, NM