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Helping People Give Back

People often feel that they desire to make a positive impact on our world, but find themselves wondering how to give back ... or to whom?  There's an easy and rewarding way they can help.  SugarShopper is a retail website that brings consumers together with nonprofit organizations.  Our manufacturers and artisans complete the circle of support for these important social causes.

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Motivating Boards to Raise Money

Most people are unwilling to ask for money to support their cause. Nonprofit Board members are no different. Kay Sprinkel Grace advocates a program she calls "AAA" (Ambassador, Advocate and Asker) that helps level the playing field for a board's involvement in donor development and stimulate overall success in fundraising.

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Social Media and Your Message

What’s your message?


  • Understand the needs of the people you are targeting to help produce relevant content. If the content over promotes and is too self-focused, you lose good will and interest.
  • Do you understand your reader’s needs and why are they coming to you in the first place?
  • If you do not know, ask them! Use surveys and polls to understand what they are thinking.

- Constant Contact, Inc.

What is your message?

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Social Media and Engagement

social media engagementSocial Media users want to engage with you via email!

  • 42% of social media users check their email four times a day or more; compared to 27% who do not use social media.
  • 63% people the same email account for Social Media messages as they do to opt-in to permission based email.

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