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The Nonprofit Fundraising Dilemma

Nonprofits, charities, schools, and churches face stiff competition for donations. While all of them are vital to the community and highly deserving of funding, the question that nonprofits face is how to maintain - or even better - increase revenue? Fundraising tends to be the typical answer to increasing donations, but it is not easty, and the cost to the nonprofit is high considering the time, money, and manpower and womanpower.

How Much Does A Fundraising Dollar Really Cost

  •  Annual Fundraising Events Cost, you lose $0.20 on every dollar you raise
  •  Direct Mail Acquisition (with a 1% return), you lose up to $1.00 to $1.25
  •  Direct Mail Renewal (with a 50% return), you lose $0.20 on every dollar raised
  •  Benefits / Special Events, you lose $0.50 on every dollar raised

The Solution

When you join as an affilaite, your earning capacity is unlimited.

We have created an boutique ecommerce store that features your organization. And the best part is when you post your Shop Now Button or link on your website, newsletters, social media platforms, and all fundraising events, your organization will earn 10% of every purchase your donor/supporter selects. Your Shop Now Button links directly to your organization's shopping page. is an extension of your current fundraising efforts. Without the cost of mailers or the labor-intensive effort of traditional fundraising events or runnung a thift shop, you can raise sustainable unrestricted income easily, promoting your campaign to your supporters via email blasts. 

Our goal is to help your organization to raise sustainable unresticted fundraising income At No Cost To You!

Fill out our easy Application. Where every purchase has a sweet purpose!

safehouse logo smallNonprofit Testimonial

"We have found Sugar to be just that...a solution! The online fundraising process is transparent and productive. Sugar understands our limitations and has filled the gap with expertise and skill."

- S. A. F. E. House, Albuquerque, NM